With all the buzz of millennials, it is important to understand how to sell to them. Today, we will show you some key pointers on to how to make a sale to a millennial. Getting to serve the Ozark, Russellville and Clarksville, Arkansas area is something that we are very proud of. However, these tips can work all over the world. In fact, these have been studied and proven true. The home inventory right now is very low. This is because buyers are having to lower their standards to meet their needs and budget. This consists of several millennials. Furthermore, the turnover rate of these homes is incredibly high. Less than half of millennials are purchasing their second or third homes today.

Our job is to not get people in and out of houses. It is to put people in homes. Furthermore, we want to see people happy and stay where we place them. That is the goal of our job. It is important to understand exactly who we are working with. So, what can we tell you that will make your life easier and millennials happy? Here are the tips that we have for you today.

How to properly work with millennial buyers

Several studies show that communication is ranked very high on needs for millennials. They are very well-connected and have a large network and ways to communicate. With social media being at an all-time high, it is no wonder why they are constantly communicating with others.

Make sure that you are very social when working with millennials. It is suggested to have your contact information easily ready online and in person. Likewise, make sure that you have correct information listed on every sort of web related content.

How you look matters

Make sure to have a professional headshot on your social media accounts. The people seeking your help will make sure to check all platforms to see who you are. They want to know who is helping them make such an important decision. Additionally, be available to text, email, tweet and message in anyway. As the new generation finds new ways of communicating, it is important that you stay in the loop.

Next, make sure you know exactly what you’re talking about

For several millennials, they are not sure of all the lingo and process of buying a home. Make sure you are able to help them with credit score, FICO scores and what this will do for them. This can be a confusing process. Moreover, make sure it is easy for your client first. Make sure that your clients know not to open new credit cards. Additionally, tell them that it could put them in danger of not qualifying for a loan. Understand what you were telling them and why. Millennials want to know why. In addition, guide them into setting aside money for extra repairs and costs. Being straightforward with them is key.

It is not impossible to work with millennials. If you understand what they need it is a smooth ride. Taking the time to get to know them and letting them know you will help that process. Knowing what you talk about and being confident enough around them will also help. If you have anymore questions or need more advice, contact us today. We are locally in the river valley area. We can help any and all people who need it. The main key is always know your client. Whether they are a millennial or not. If you connect with them then you are doing your job. Making that connection is half the battle. If you do it right and meet their needs, you can do anything.

This is not only a home for you, it is a home for your children.

Are you moving to this Ozark, Russellville or Clarksville area with kids? Do you want to make sure that this is the right place to raise your family? Today, I will be discussing with you the great opportunities and activities for your young ones. I understand that family is extremely important. Furthermore, making sure they are safe and in an area to grow is very important. That is why I will be telling you all about the great things that this area has to offer.


Small Schools of Ozark, Lamar and more

To start with the schools in this area are all different. This is a great aspect because you can choose exactly what kind of school you would your child to go to. We have very small and connected schools of Ozark, Lamar and other school districts. Also, they are located very close to several colleges. The University of the Ozarks and Arkansas Technical University are very close to these school districts as well.

Clarksville School District

Also, we have a slighter larger school that is considered 5A. This is the Clarksville School District. This district is also right next to the Private University of the Ozarks. This accredited liberal arts school is home to people from all around the globe. Not only do they have one of the highest known Walton Program that hosts their foreign exchange students, but they also have the first ever in Arkansas school for students with disabilities. Likewise, this four year college is home to many Clarksville Residents.

Russellville School District

Lastly, there is the Russellville School District that is considered 6A. This slightly larger school is ranked in just about every sport and are known all around central Arkansas. Just as the Clarksville School District, the Russellville schools share a home with Arkansas Technical University. This university is highly regarded for their science and math division. They are dedicated to student growth and advancement. Knowledge is incredibly important and making sure your child has everything they need to succeed is equally important. That is what makes this area so great.

Outdoor Activities

Being situated right in the heart of the Ozark mountains gives all residents several opportunities to get outside and explore nature. There are several things to do outside in the beautiful River Valley area. For example, there are several rivers to take a relaxing trip to. You can fish, boat, hike, camp and so much more. One of the best attractions we have close to us is the National Buffalo River. This is a great vacation destination. Many people love coming out to the river to float the river or kayak too. Moreover, it is full of aquatic life and there are several prime fishing spots along the river. Furthermore, there is also great camping opportunities. Getting in touch with the outdoors is very easy to do in this area. If you love being outside then you will love the River Valley.

Indoor Activities

This area is home to several indoor activities for children and young adults. Besides the multiple shopping complexes and locally owned small businesses, there are other ways to pass the time also. Get creative and stop by a painting class. Or, try one of the several restaurants in the River Valley area. Furthermore, there are several different places to play at and spend the day. There is so much to do in this river valley area that you will never be bored.

This is only a few reasons why this area is a great place to raise your family. Our community is in love with the next generation. We know their value and teach them that everyday. Whether in the classroom or at the community center, we are impacting the children of our River Valley area and we only want to see them succeed.  

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