“I buy ugly homes” is not a sentence you hear everyday. Matt Hurst, however, has found great joy in purchasing homes in terrible conditions and renovating them and creating something that is completely new and unique. Realty has always been something that Matt has been interested in. Consequently, he bought his first “ugly home” when he was only 18 and has since flipped over 50 houses. That’s pretty impressive for a young adult. He says that he has been given this incredible ability to see a vision for the distressed property that he sees. With this vision, he is able to look past the ugly and find the beauty. Additionally, Matt rents out or sells these finished products to consumers.

Moreover, he loves seeing the finished product after flipping a house. Getting so see such an incredible improvement gives Matt a real sense of accomplishment. Matt loves getting to flip houses in Johnson County. In fact, he says that he makes roughly two offers a week on property. Of course he does not always get to houses he bids on, but he is consistently out in the market. Since he is in the market, he knows what is going on and can give you the most information if you are looking for a new place to buy or rent in Johnson County. He stays up to date not only for himself, he does it for those that he gives his service out to. As a result, he offers the best service to any who utilize his services.

Buying ugly homes can seem kind of out there to some people. However, to people who have the kind of vision that Matt Hurst has buying ugly homes is incredibly vital. Not many people can see distressed property and look beyond the first impression and see what the future could hold. Matt Hurst has this vision and looks buying ugly home!